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Bob Celli is an award winning Writer/Director. Together with Laura Delano, DelanoCelli Productions has produced four short films .
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Most recently Bob wrote, directed, and acted in The Keeper, a short film.  Celeste and Robert meet at a speed dating event. A lonely widow yearning for connection and a lover of art in search of perfection. The distance between longing and obsession is closer than you think. The Keeper premiered on October 3rd, 2019 and was an Official Selection at over 65 Festivals garnering 49 Awards and 38 additional Nominations.


Take2Indie Review

Film Carnage Review / Rebecca Cherry

Bob also wrote and directed Brooklyn In July, a short film about Frank Walker, an African-American WWII veteran, drawn to New York by the promise of better life only to be confronted by the same realities, fear, and hatred he hoped he had left behind. He is a man scarred by a past that is lurking skin deep. Based on a true story and inspired by actual events. The film was an official selection at over 50 festivals in the US and abroad, and garnered 32 awards and 54 nominations, including Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Dramatic Short, Best Screenplay and Bob was the recipient of a Humanitarian Award.



You can watch it on Amazon Prime

"Intense. A moving story of a man's love, pride, and haunted past. A story that reminds

us how man's inhumanity to man destroys us all.”


Wendell Pierce - (NAACP Image Award Winner)

Selma, Confirmation, The Wire

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Bob wrote and directed Figs For Italo, a short film based on a true family story that happened during WWII. The film was an official selection at 39 festivals in the US and abroad, and garnered 17 awards and 33 nominations, including Best National Short, Best Dramatic Short, Special Jury Award - Short film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Cinematography. Website
You can watch it on Amazon Prime

"I'm thrilled to recommend Bob Celli's poignant new film FIGS FOR ITALO. Impressive in its scope, it packs powerful punch in 18 short minutes. Exploring how memory and heartbreak inform the present, FIGS FOR ITALO did for me, what only truly special films do -- it stayed with me, and still does. I deeply love this film.”


Peter Hedges - (Academy Award Nominee)

Ben is Back, Dan in Real Life, Pieces of April, About A Boy, What's Eating Gilbert Grape

"FIGS FOR ITALO is remarkable in its simplicity and honesty.”

Kristi Zea - (2 Time Academy Award Nominee)

Revolutionary Road, Silence of the Lambs, The Departed

"What sticks with me most about this ambitious short film is the lush, sensual imagery. It is simplicity set on a grand canvas.”

Tim Guinee - (Actor/Director)

One Armed Man, Hell On Wheels, Iron Man

Bob is now developing a feature screenplay adaptation inspired by Down Range, a play by Jeffery Skinner. DelanoCelli  produced, work-shopped, and presented the world premiere of the play in NYC.

DelanoCelli Productions has produced a number of off-off Broadway productions, as well as being associate producers of the Off-Broadway show Circle by Suzanne Bachner. Circle was the winner of the OOBR for best ensemble cast and SPOTLIGHT AWARDS.

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